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  • Prevent most heat loss and condensation
  • Simple cost effective solution
  • Reduce noise and save energy
Amazing Glazing Retro fitted double glazing for existing wooden windows

Sandra and Lindsay Thorn

Thanks Max for the great job you have done double glazing the windows in our old (90 years), concrete block home. After the first set of windows were retro-fitted during renovations we couldn't wait to do the rest! They were completed in two further stages over the next two years, making the whole process very affordable.

Max was super to work with - once our order was in he was quick to prepare the window frames, painting/varnishing them to match the existing frames so they look as if they are just part of the original windows. He attended to detail, was really efficient at installing them, and the effect of double glazing on the day was instant.

The impact was fantastic - we have now enjoyed two much warmer winters. Another bonus is that the house has become quieter with double glazing. We have covered the screw holes with snap-on vinyl caps the same colour as the wood surrounds. These can be obtained from Hampton's ITM, Ferry Road, Christchurch.

Many thanks Max for your Amazing glazing!

Kind regards Sandra and Lindsay Thorn . November 2014

Tim Davis

Thank you for an excellent job of double glazing my house, as you remember I asked you to do one small bedroom first so that I could satisfy myself your system would work. This meant I was able to assure myself by the standard test of using a bowl of hot water & checking for condensation on the inside of the windows. By holding the bowl of hot water against the windows in the kitchen & the front room I got condensation, thankfully none in the bedroom. I was very pleased. I hope you can continue your good work and give others the benefit of your by system, that is a relief against the cold weather, at a price that I, as a pensioner, could afford.

Tim Davis, 2010

Juliet Neill

Max Dorfliger's double glazing system is a cost efficient means of double glazing, and can be done entirely in keeping with existing fittings and glazing. Max has now done my entire 1872 cottage without removing a single window, and removing only one door which was desperately in need of reconstruction.

Further more, Max sticks to the deadlines he provides, and arrives when he says he will - a rarity in the world of carpentry, I find.

But the biggest benefit for me has been the new-found warmth of my house. I use a lot less heating energy now, and find that I rarely need to run the dehumidifier, whereas I was removing a container load of water once every one or two days.

Last year, Max did the front of my house, and this year I invited him back to do the back of the house as well. This last leg has made all the difference, and now I can use the back of my house as a work space, rather than having my entire living room strewn with work related paper and art activities. It's made me realise the importance of a comfortable house when working from home.

I would now find it difficult to move into a house that wasn't double glazed, and I may well stay here until I completely fall apart at the seams.

Juliet Neill, June 2005 Lyttelton

Nick and Thea Konijn.

Thank you for coming so quickly to place double glazing in the rest of the house. It is really amazing the difference it makes. Better temperatures, less noise and more comfortable.

The comfort comes, in my opinion from the disappearance of all the 'cold spots' near windows and doors. The temperature throughout the house is now more even, and consequently feels cosy.

Although through winter we were quite happy with our living areas, the rest of the house cool to say the least. Now we have already done away with the supplemental heating as the few rays of sun are captured and provide enough heat to make the whole house cosy.

In conclusion we are very happy with the system you provided us with and with the quality and craftsmanship with what you installed the double glazing.

We will gladly recommend your system and workmanship to others looking for an affordable, efficient double glazing product for older homes.

Nick and Thea Konijn.

Jenny Greene

Thank you very much for doing the windows so promptly- they look fantastic and they are already helping keep the rooms much warmer!

Jenny Greene