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  • Prevent most heat loss and condensation
  • Simple cost effective solution
  • Reduce noise and save energy
Amazing Glazing Retro fitted double glazing for existing wooden windows

How does "Amazing Glazing" compare with sealed double glazed units?

Heat Loss
Research shows that some New Zealand houses lose up to 50% of heating energy through their single glass windows. Using excessive energy to heat the house is not only hard on the pocket it is also hard on the environment, and contributes to climate change.
Winter condensation on single glass is both the effect and the cause of damp houses. Water streaming down the glass often rots the lower parts of the windows and also gets re-absorbed into the room to continue its destructive cycle. Damp air is more difficult to heat and can also affect the health of the inhabitants. Similar insulation values can be expected with Amazing Glazing as with sealed units. No supplier of double glazing guarantees complete freedom from condensation, and with Amazing Glazing occasionally fogging between panels may occur , however as room and frame moisture decreases over time so will the fogging. Expect a fast improvement in the overall health of your home.
Probably the greatest attribute of Amazing Glazing is the fact that traditional houses can remain in their original glory simply by adding an extra pane of glass framed in Macrocarpa timber
A drier home is a healthier home
Other steps to consider are: Wall insulation. Under-floor insulation. Check storm water and plumbing to prevent leaks under the house. Install ceiling insulation. Replace cracked putty or paint on exterior windows.
Painted windows Bergli front door No job too hard!
Windows come in all shapes and sizes...

Heat Loss and Insulation

The degree of heat-loss is measured in U-Values and decreases with better insulation.

Single glass ( transfers heat easily) 6.26 U
Standard double glazing with 6mm air space. 3.25 U Standard 6mm double glazing
Standard double glazing with 12mm air space. 2.61 U 12mm double glazing
Our system has a 32mm air space, more than twice that of standard double glazing. amazing glazing